This website is an archive of programs produced between 2000 and 2010.   Please go to streamingmuseum.org for continuing programming. Thank you.

    Digital Art @Google, an exhibition program launched by Google NYC and The Project Room for New Media/CAM, opened in June 2010, to engage Googlers with the art world and promote creativity with digital technology. (Press release) Exhibitions and artist talks were held at Google headquarters, NYC.

    The exhibition program was initiated at Google by Josh Mittleman, User Interface Software Engineer, and supported by the Google Community Affairs committee at Google NYC. Digital Art @Google NYC 2010 was curated by Nina Colosi, Curator of The Project Room for New Media at CAM and founder of the public art program, Streaming Museum. 

    Ancient Stories with Modern Technology (October 28 - December 31)
    Artists: Chris Rainier, Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and Andrew Senior 

    We Write This To You From The Distant Future (August 20 – October 22)
    Artists: Mark Amerika, Rachel Armstrong/Michael Simon Toon, Marc Barasch, Ed Bilous, etoy, Mitchell Joachim, Eduardo Kac, StudioIMC-Tunick/Elston/Schiller, Jack Toolin/C5, Marina Zurkow, Google UK, Clean Energy 2030, Andrew Senior, Cordero/Senior/Weston 

    Data Poetics (June 11 - August 13) 
    Artists: Scott Draves, R. Luke DuBois, Aaron Koblin, Mark Napier, W. Bradford Paley, Lincoln Schatz, John F. Simon, Jr., Thomson and Craighead, Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas 

    Photos and YouTube videos of exhibition and artist talks

    Support for Digital Art @Google provided by the Google, Inc. Charitable Giving Fund of Tides Foundation


    Photograph by Chris Rainier, 10/28-12/31 exhibition “Ancient Stories with Modern Technology”: Gibe & Pipe, Huli wigmen, in Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Traditional ceremonial paint colors: Mali-ambua-hare, Waterfall: Iba-Fugu. 

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